The AMADA 'V-Cut' Horizontal scoring machine planed precise V-grooves in the sheetmetal

The 'V-cut' works on the principle of a horizontal shapermachine. 5 one behind the other cutting tools are planing a V-shaped in the sheetmetal. This targeted removal of material makes the bending of small radius with a pressure possible. The almost "sharp" shaping is interesting on one side on the design aspects and on the other side Bending samples can be strung together seamlessly.

A requirement that provide, for example, facades and shop fitters, manufacturers of industrial kitchens and decorative articles frequently. The 'V-cut' Horizontal shaping machine works automatically: The sheet is positioned according to the selected V-distances; the controller is determined on the basis of material quality and thickness of the required number of planing operations. Depending on the machine type, V-grooves can be produced up to 6000 mm length; to 1200 mm is the traversing of the backgauge.

V-CUT 6012
V-CUT 6012
This product is not longer available

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